Tournament overview and time schedule

Tournament overview and time schedule

Clash of Samurai and Samurai!
This is iai!

Cut the enemy without being cut yourself!
The Jiyu-gumi Tachi competition is coming again, where the art of iai will be tested!

This is the only tournament in Japan where you can see samurai clash!
To fight or to be fought.
There is only one pinnacle!

This year the venue was finally moved to the Sumida Ward General Gymnasium (Kinshicho)!
The event has grown into a tournament that receives the cheers of 500 arena seats, something that has never happened before in the world of iaido, with the honorary tournament organising committee chaired by Sumida Ward Mayor Toru Yamamoto and the tournament advisor being the Gyokuso Niina Soke of the Meishi-ha school of Mugai-ryu.
Organised by the International Iaido Organization Hogyokukai, the largest national organisation and single body of Mugai-ryu, and open to all styles and factions, the fierce competition was a sight to behold!

Keep an eye on this hot day to determine the strongest in 2024, as details will continue to be updated until Saturday 29 June!

This is only a schedule. Times may vary.